Late in 2000, Glock Liphart Probst & Partner became the legal consultant for Wöhr + Bauer GmbH for the building project “Der Angerhof” located in the heart of Munich. The firm supported the entire project from the idea stage through its completion and the lease-up of the building complex in 2008. The support Glock Liphart Probst & Partner provided covered the purchase of the property, the architectural competition which was carried out at the request of the City of Munich, the creation of building rights on the basis of a project-related development plan, the building permit procedure as well as advice on questions of historical building preservation, the clean-up of contaminated sites and neighbour’s law.

An important step that was decisive for the economic success of the project was the leasing of the entire office space to Linde AG, which moved its corporate headquarters to the Angerhof in autumn 2008. In intensive negotiations with Linde AG, supported by Glock Liphart Probst & Partner, an agreement was reached on the final content of the contract in only about six weeks and the lease was notarised. With regard to the “preleasing from the drawing board”, the provisions of the lease that enabled the mixed use of the property (office use, apartments and gastronomy) as well as its division into part and condominium ownership (underground car park, commercial, condominiums) were of particular importance.

The content of the contract was adapted to the progress of the construction project through two addenda, and new agreements were also concluded in connection with the tenant’s special requests. Also noteworthy were the provisions of “art at buildings”, specifically for the light art by Keith Sonnier and Ingo Maurer, on the sound stones by Andrea Schmeing-Häusler and on the large sculpture in the inner courtyard by Christopher Klein.

The “city repair” that the City of Munich has been pursuing for a long time has come to a good end: On the site of an aging multi-storey car park, a modern public underground car park has been created offering around 430 parking spaces in an impressive urban block that reinterprets the concept of living and working under one roof on a floor area of around 20,000 square metres.

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