Büchel GmbH & Co. Fahrzeugteilefabrik KG is a family business with tradition.

Founded in 1920 in Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia, and rebuilt in Fulda in 1948, Büchel today manufactures vehicle parts not only (again) in Zella-Mehlis, but also at 4 other locations in Germany, two locations in China and one location in India.

The focus of its manufacturing activities are LED bicycle lighting, spokes and nipples, wheel guards and rear bike racks. More recently, Büchel has made a name for itself as a supplier to the automotive industry.

With the development of vehicle parts comes the “logical” need for technical, design and trademark protection rights to defend one’s work from imitation.

For Glock Liphart Probst & Partner, it is an exciting challenge to defend these IP rights and to support the client in preserving and expanding its portfolio of IP rights – and conversely to protect the client against illegitimate claims by competitors. All of this is of course done in cooperation with patent attorneys. Often, disputes can be resolved through deft negotiations. In a number of cases, however, the only option is litigation, occasionally even “through all instances”.

Büchel has demonstrated its staying power through its long history, and this quality is also reflected in its approach to the protection of its industrial property rights.

For Glock Liphart Probst & Partner, the cooperation with this traditional company is a special relationship, based on trust in the competence and reliability of the other – and in the joy of shared success.

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