The OPTINEO with 32,000 sqm of floor space, handed over to the tenant in February 2023, is located in the first row on Friedenstraße on the former Optimol site in Munich’s Werksviertel.

Glock Liphart Probst & Partner has been commissioned by the owner family to represent the family’s interests in the long-standing development plan procedure with an accompanying reallocation procedure with ten other participating owners. In the meantime, more than 200 owners’ meetings have been held in cooperation with the City of Munich to coordinate a holistic and innovative development, open space, access and utilisation concept, secured through numerous agreements among the participating owners and with the City of Munich; building rights were achieved through a development plan all without any litigation. The construction work started immediately afterwards; neighbour agreements, joint development agreements and extensive financing of pipe laying enable an extraordinarily rapid progress of construction.

OPTINEO is the result of a cooperation between the owner family and WÖHR + BAUER GmbH which was entered into after the development plan came into effect. Glock Liphart Probst & Partner advises them in the realisation phase on public law (demolition of existing buildings, new survey, building over a subway, remediation of contaminated sites, architectural competition, building permit, amendments of the granted building permit, neighbour agreements).

With regard to civil law, Glock Liphart Probst & Partner first drew up a “head of terms” and then the lease agreements for the entire property, which consists of two independent buildings. Given the early stage of the project, these lease agreements on the one hand required considerable flexibility (e.g. regarding the addition of further space, the standard of construction and fittings as well as special fixtures, special requests, etc.), but on the other hand also had to provide reassurance to the future tenant KMPG that it would be able to move into the new headquarters building on time. During the lease negotiations, we strove to help bring about a fair and equitable solution, accounting for the interests of both parties.

The project has remained on schedule an architectural landmark whose name reflects the historic character of the site where the Optimol Ölwerke company once became one of the world’s market leaders in high-performance lubricants. At the end of May 2023, the highest award for urban development projects in Germany, the German Urban Development Prize („Deutscher Städtebaupreis“), went to the Werksviertel in Munich.

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