Cultural contributions

For more than 20 years, a vernissage has provided the setting for the annual November law firm party at Glock Liphart Probst & Partner. Häusler Contemporary), supported by leading galleries in Munich (primarily Häusler Contemporary). A particular contemporary art project that fascinated the members of the firm in the pre-selection process is presented to clients and guests. It can trigger controversial opinions due to different – oftentimes multi-layered – interpretations, and opens up new perspectives for clients, business partners, friends and not least ourselves. It is a special pleasure for us that we were also able to meet most of the artists personally. These were: Imi Knoebel (1995), Raimund Kummer (1997), Jürgen Partenheimer (1998), Martin Noël (1999), Claude Lévêque (2000), Ezra Stoller (2001), Erwin Wurm (2002), Doris Dörrie (2003), Jess Walter (2004), Hamish Fulton (2005), Roman Signer (2006), Keith Sonnier (2007), Afra Dopfer (2008), Richard Allen Morris (2009), Hamish Fulton (2010), Sébastien de Ganay (2011), Marco Schuler (2012), Regina Schmeken (2013), Stefan Hunstein (2014), Diverse Künstler (2015), Judy Ledgerwood (2016), Brigitte Kowanz (2017) – you can see her work “Allusion” at the top of this page, Markus Lüpertz (2018) and again Jürgen Partenheimer (2019).

A special experience connects us with the artist Hamish Fulton: On a frosty day in late January in 2006, a group of 18 people – partners, their clients and the artist himself – walked through the city centre of Munich on a parcour of about 6 km – a total of 7 times (!), from dawn to dusk. The event was an exercise in endurance, with ample opportunity for intensive discussions, and it provided an unforgettable city experience for everyone involved! The result of this art event is a piece of work he created four years later: “Eighteen People walking 2010”

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