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Dr. Zweigle advises on all areas of private construction and architectural law.

His practice concentrates on legal project management, consultancy during construction projects and contract drafting. He can draw on a network of widely respected publicly appointed and sworn building experts to provide his clients with not only legal but also technical support during every phase of a construction project.

His clients are small and medium-sized building contractors and property developers, as well as architects and specialist planners, engineers and project controllers, who appreciate his expert and goal-oriented advice and advocacy.

Dr. Zweigle also provides legal support for real estate transactions.

Dr. Zweigle advises and corresponds in German, English and Spanish.

Dr. Zweigle is a member of the PRIVATE CONSTRUCTION LAW and REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS teams at Glock Liphart Probst & Partner and regularly works across teams with his colleagues from the PUBLIC LAW team.


Dr. Zweigle advises and represents his clients in matters of private construction and architectural law – before, during and after the realisation of construction projects.

The drafting of construction law contracts, including their negotiation, is a core part of his legal practice.

His advice is often sought at an early stage, at the transition from the planning to the execution stage. During the project development phase, he helps his clients to make important decisions essential for the success of the construction project; his close cooperation with the PUBLIC PLANNING AND BUILDING LAW team enables him to provide his clients with the support they need.

His advice is tailored towards the efficient completion of the construction work, avoiding protracted delays in the event of any issues that may occur during a project.

Dr. Zweigle also supports and advises his clients during the acceptance process and in warranty matters, and he has a successful track record as a litigator.

He has special expertise in payment litigation (fees, contractor’s claims), independent evidentiary proceedings to establish construction defects and litigation for construction defects.

On the matter of real estate transactions, Dr. Zweigle covers the entire process, assisting his clients in the due diligence process as well as in the drafting and negotiation of contracts and the notarisation of the property purchase agreement.

He is a member of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Baurecht (German Society for Building and Construction Law).

Fields of practice

Private construction law

  • Drafting of building contracts
  • Remuneration
  • Management of amendments to construction contracts
  • Building defects
  • Warranty management before and after acceptance

Architectural law

  • Contract design
  • Liability law
  • Fee law

Property development law

  • Contract design
  • Contract implementation

Public procurement law

  • Support of the awarding authority
  • Advice and representation of bidders
  • Review procedures

Land law

  • Easements
  • Neighbour’s law

Real estate transactions

  • Real estate transactions (LOI, NDA, due diligence, land purchase agreement)
  • Commercial leases
  • Heritable building rights contracts


  • Legal studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich
  • Legal traineeship at the Munich Higher Regional Court
  • Admission to the Bar 2016
  • Joined Glock Liphart Probst & Partner in 2016
  • Doctorate at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, 2019
  • Lawyer specializing in building and architectural law since 2023

Other activities

Dr. Zweigle provides training courses for clients in the fields of building and architectural law. He lectures at the Bayerische Architektenkammer (Bavarian Chamber of Architects) and for legal trainees at the Munich Higher Regional Court.

In addition to his work as a lawyer, Dr. Zweigle is an honorary board member of the non-profit association waali e.V. In accordance with its aim of making education accessible, the association provides scholarships and grants for children, adolescents and young adults, with a focus on Asia and Africa. The association also supports educational institutions, NGOs and public projects for preventive healthcare and popular education.


  • “Verschiebung des Baubeginns = Unterbrechung der Ausführung?” (Postponement of the start of construction = interruption of execution?)
    Comment on the decision of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) of 25 March 2020 – VII ZR 168/19, IBR 2020, 283

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