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Stefan Weigl’s practice is focused on inheritance law, family law and gift and estate tax law.

Stefan Weigl advises and represents his clients – private individuals as well as entrepreneurs – both in and out of court.

In the field of inheritance law, his focus is on assisting clients with estate planning, making arrangements for transfers in anticipation of succession, matters of inheritance or gift tax, and also in the context of the distribution of the estate (in and out of court), and generally in the settlement of probate matters.

Stefan Weigl also acts as executor. He is a member of the COMMERCIAL LAW team and responsible for the field of INHERITANCE and FAMILY LAW at Glock Liphart Probst & Partner.


Stefan Weigl advises and represents his clients in the preparation and drafting of testamentary dispositions.

This includes, in particular, wills and contracts of inheritance as well as arrangements relating to matrimonial property rights in preparation for succession. He also has extensive experience in structuring asset transfers in anticipation of succession and offers custom-tailored solutions for the transfer of real estate as well as shares in partnerships and corporations, including any reservations of use relating thereto.

An important focus of his work is advising on aspects of inheritance and gift tax law.

In his many years of practice, Stefan Weigl has also gained comprehensive expertise on the wide range of issues relating to the settlement between joint heirs (including the right to a compulsory portion) as well as the correction of “failed” testamentary dispositions after the death of the decedent through agreements between the interested parties.

Stefan Weigl has considerable experience as an executor in settling valuable estates.

In addition, Stefan Weigl advises and represents his clients in the area of family and guardianship law. His work in family law primarily deals with the preparation and drafting of marriage contracts, including marriage contracts with an international context, divorce and separation agreements as well as of property settlement agreements.

Stefan Weigl advises and represents clients in divorce proceedings and other family court matters.

Stefan Weigl works with selected notaries, tax advisors and auditors.

Fields of practice

Inheritance law, inheritance and gift tax law

  • Wills, contracts of inheritance
  • Company succession
  • Estate settlement agreements, property settlement agreements, agreements on disclaiming of inheritances in consideration of compensation
  • Marriage contracts, in particular contracts arranging marital property rights in preparation for legal succession
  • Agreements by way of transfers in anticipation of succession, in particular gift, transfer and/or settlement agreements
  • Out-of-court counselling on matters of inheritance and gift tax law
  • Representation in probate proceedings, in particular relating to inheritance certificate issuance
  • Contentious litigation, in particular in the context of inheritance settlements and the right to compulsory portions
  • Out-of-court counselling on matters of the distribution of estates and on compulsory portions
  • Execution of wills
  • Advice and representation in matters of guardianship involving aspects of inheritance law
  • Inheritance investigation
  • Drafting powers of attorney and advance healthcare directives

Family law

  • Prenuptial agreements, divorce and separation agreements, property settlement agreements
  • Divorces, contentious proceedings for property settlement
  • Equalisation of pension rights, child and spousal maintenance
  • Guardianship law in the context of family law arrangements


  • Legal studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich
  • Legal traineeship at the Munich Higher Regional Court
  • Admission to the Bar 1990
  • Joined  Glock Liphart Probst & Partner in 1990
  • Lawyer specializing in family law since 1999
  • Lawyer specializing in inheritance law since 2006

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